Altha Powder Metallurgy Sp. z o.o   has taken over the Department of Sintered Parts, formerly belonging to the sewing machine manufacturer Lucznik, and continues a 25-year old tradition of excellence in manufacturing of sintered materials.
Altha Power Metallurgy is located in the town of Radom, in the special economic zone of Tarnobrzeg.

We manufacture machine parts applying cold pressing and sintering technologies from the following materials:

         iron and carbon steel
         alloy steels, including stainless steels
         soft magnetic materials

     The applied technologies guarantee a high degree of accuracy, above IT7 level, as well as serial reproducibility. All parameters are controlled by our laboratory, which is equipped with a 3D measuring instrument type Derby 454 by TESA. In order to conform to international norms our quality assurance system will be certified according to ISO/TS 16949and ISO 14000 in the second quarter of 2003.